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by Kenneth W. Behrendt

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Here you will find a collection of articles that deal with a variety of unusual topics such as the paranormal, ufo technology, free energy physics and practically anything else that I feel merits analysis. All opinions expressed are those of Kenneth W. Behrendt (the "Vault Keeper") unless otherwise noted.

So, please enter, pick an article that interests you, relax, and let your mind consider new possiblities for viewing our physical universe and the nature of the human condition. Your opinions are welcome at all times...let's make the journey together. When you've found something of interest, simply click on its title to view its page.

We are all now at the dawn of a new age of astounding possibilities that will be ushered in by incredible discoveries in the fields of physics and biology. Perhaps you will find some of those discoveries already waiting here for you in...the COSMIC VAULT.

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