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How Houses Get Haunted

by Kenneth W. Behrendt

The subject of how a dwelling can become a center for the many bizarre paranormal effects which cause us to declare it to be "haunted" is a complicated one. For there are, literally, several dozen different effects that can appear in such sites and a thorough treatment of them is not possible here. However, in this brief article I will attempt to give the general student of the subject a broad overview of these effects and must refer those seeking a far more in-depth analysis to my book on the topic titled The Physics of the Paranormal.

I can start by stating that truly haunted houses are EXTREMELY rare and occur, in my opinion, far, far less frequently than genuine UFO sightings. However, unlike UFO sightings, all of which tend to be single, unique events, the phenomena displayed in real haunted houses have a tendency to occasionally REPEAT themselves on a somewhat regular basis. This attribute makes it just barely possible to apply the scientific method to these effects by collecting data on them via observation and instrumental measurement which can then serve in the formulation of working hypotheses that rationalize them.

Currently, worldwide, there are NOW probably THOUSANDS of self-styled or university affiliated paranormal investigators who are slowly accumulating the data needed to develop a wholistic theory for the various phenomena encountered in haunted dwellings. Progress in the field is, unfortunately, hampered by two major factors. The first factor, of course, is the frustratingly capricious nature of the effects that have been noted over the centuries. The second factor is the problem of financing site research at locations where the effects seem to manifesting with sufficient frequency so that meaningful observations can be made.

From my own study of this fascinating area of human inquiry, I have, after several decades, reached some definite conclusions concerning it. Mainly, I believe that the various phenomena that appear in hauntings can be roughly divided into four distinct categories. The first and most frequently encountered category contains paranormal effects which are caused by currently living human beings who either reside in or visit the site of the haunting. The second category consists of the less encountered effects that are due to subtle CHANGES in the structural materials of the dwelling that were caused by its PAST (and usually deceased) residents or visitors. The third category includes the very rare paranormal manifestations that are due to currently living NON-human beings who visit the site. The fourth and final category would contain the phenomena associated with a past deceased resident of the dwelling who has, through an EXTREMELY rare process, come back to life and now visits the former residence he enjoyed during his lifetime! The existence of this rather bizarre fourth category seems, to me, to just barely be supported by the literature of the subject, so I have decided to include it.

It is also prudent, perhaps, to add a final fifth category of SEEMINGLY paranormal effects which are, in fact, due to currently living human beings who are perpetrating hoaxes on paranormal investigators. This category would include any effects manifesting in the allegedly haunted dwelling which are being faked by its residents for some purpose such as publicity or financial gain. I am of the belief that the actual level of hoaxing in the field of the paranormal is, quite unfortunately, FAR higher than that encountered in the UFO field. This fact has done much to discredit the scientific pursuit of the subject and create an aura of ridicule about it. Being the case, the serious paranormal researcher must be ever vigilant that he is not being duped by witnesses who are hoaxing any effects being observed or fabricating the "testimony" being given.

There is, however, one cause for the various paranormal phenomena that manifest in haunted dwellings that I have not, to date, been able to find. After many years of studying this subject, I remain unconvinced that any of the paranormal phenomena associated with haunted dwellings might be caused by the return of the souls of human beings following their deaths. I know that this statement may surprise and possibly disappoint most readers, but the simple truth is that I, personally, have not seen anything in the "credible" research into the paranormal that convinces me yet that the effects experienced by witnesses actually involve "Earthbound" human souls who are haunting a particular site because they are not yet "free" to "pass over" to the "other side". Thus, I do not consider paranormal phenomena as proof of the existence of an afterlife. This, however, does not mean that such a state of existence does not exist...just that I do not consider the available evidence sufficient to prove its existence. For this reason there will be no mention of such things as souls or the hereafter in this article whose focus will be on the PHYSICAL processes that MAY be occurring in haunted dwellings when paranormal effects manifest.

Let us begin the analysis with the first category of observed paranormal effects which, as was previously noted, are caused by currently living human residents of or visitors to a dwelling where the effects are being observed. Hereafter, I will refer to this category as "Category 1".

In this category one encounters a phenomenon known as the "poltergeist" or "noisy ghost". Often, in cases in which this phenomenon is manifesting, furniture can be heard sliding about in rooms ADJACENT to the one containing witnesses and there may also be the sounds of glass breaking. As soon as the noises start, they quickly stop and surprised witnesses (who usually have only heard the sounds) will discover that, indeed, furniture in an adjoining room has been moved about or overturned. The floor of the room may be littered with shards from bottles, vases, or dishes that mysteriously flew off their normal resting places to smash against walls or the floor. The witnesses usually quickly exclude the possibility of a living person being responsible and then jump to the conclusion that the damage was made by a spirit who is angry for some reason!

This broad category of the most frequently encountered, REAL paranormal effects seen in haunted houses also includes several additional bizarre effects. These include the appearance of mysterious puddles of water or the far more dangerous outbreaks of fire in the flammable materials of furniture and drapery. Again, since the possiblity of currently living humans being responsible for these manifestations is usually quickly eliminated, witnesses will usually ascribe the effects to the actions of earthbound souls who are trying to convey some message to the residents of or visitors to the dwelling.

In the vast majoriy of Category 1 cases, it is really one of the human witnesses present who is responsible for the paranormal effects being manifested. I am not suggesting a hoax on their part, but rather that this person is UNCONSCIOUSLY causing the effects. It has been noticed by several researchers that there seems to be a correlation between the incidents of poltergeist activity and the presence of human females in the dwelling who are either menstruating or are in their premenstrual phase. During these intervals of the female menstrual cycle there can be rapid swings in blood hormone levels that can cause sudden vasoconstriction of blood vessels.

As I suggested when treating this topic in my previously mentioned book, it may be possible for the iron containing hemoglobin molecules in human red blood cells to, under certain conditions, act like tiny magnets and to then align their magnetic fields with each other so that the human circulatory system can quickly become, topologically, a large magnetic loop or circuit whose magnetic field moves rapidly ALONG in the directions of its magnetic field lines inside of the blood vessels. Thus, the human circulatory system can, for a short time in this state, contain a strong magnetic "current" made up of many smaller parallel magnetic currents that "flow" through a human circulatory system's various branches. The flow of these magnetic currents in a person's body is, like a person's normal blood flow, maintained by the heart.

As the female's blood rapidly flows through vasoconstricted blood vessels, some of the electrons on the surface membranes of the blood cells will be deposited on the vessel walls and an ELECTRIC field will build up between the blood cells and the vessel walls. At this point a unique condition is has a magnetic field moving rapidly along the direction of its magnetic field lines which are at RIGHT ANGLES to electric fields. As many readers may remember from my research into UFO propulsion, I have hypothesized that this process leads to the emission of "anti-mass field radiation". In the case of UFO propulsion, the anti-mass field radiation emitted from the craft's internal propulsion equipment acts to neutralize the normally present "mass field radiation" that is emitted from the subatomic particles that compose the craft and its crew. Since it is the mass field radiation from objects that gives them their gravitational and inertial properties, using artificially generated anti-mass field radiation to neutralize the craft and crew's mass field radiation emission will render them massless, weightless, and inertialess. It is this state that allows UFO's to display the amazing performance characteristics noted for them and their crew members to be immune to the destructive inertial forces during violent accelerations.

The reader should realize that the anti-mass field radiation and mass field radiation being discussed here are NOT the same as ordinary electromagnetic radiation although they do travel with the same velocity as light. Rather, BOTH are a form of NON-electromagnetic radiation which is completely invisible and which can penetrate things like floors, walls, and ceilings. I have found that much of the phenomena of the paranormal can be readily understood by assuming that anti-mass field radiation is strongly emitted from SOME people's circulatory systems under certain unique stressful situations. Usually its emission cannot be consciously controlled by the individual, but in the case of a human witness whose emission of it is responsible for the poltergeist activity in haunted houses, apparently its emission AND the direction of that emission ARE under the UNCONSCIOUS control of that person.

But what of a genetically predisposed human female who might emit anti-mass field radiation during a certain interval of the her menstual cycle? Under certain RARE conditions she might actually levitate if enough of her bodily mass was negated! However, it appears in the case of poltergeist activity that the FORM of the anti-mass field radiation emitted is not the best type for levitation of its source. In the vast majority of poltergeist cases, only SOME of the anti-mass field radiation emitted will be the intensity "steady" type responsible for levitation, while the rest emitted will be emitted as pulses whose INTENSITY varies so as to give the pulses various WAVEFORMS.

In particular, some of the remaining emitted anti-mass field radiation will consist of pulses with a "sawtooth" waveform. Although these pulses are invisible, IF it was possible to somehow display their intensities on an oscilloscope as they traveled away from their source at light velocity, then one would notice that their peaks would either be "leaning" or "sloping" toward or away from the circulatory system of the female who is emitting them. The remainder of the intensity varying anti-mass field radiation will consist of pulses that have a "sinusoidal" waveform. If one could view the intensities of these invisible pulses on an oscilloscope one would note that their pattern looks much like the symmetrical ripples that form on a pond when a stone is tossed into it.

Now let me provide a brief overview of how these various waveforms of anti-mass field radiation can produce the most frequently encounted Category 1 paranormal effects noted in haunted dwellings.

In the case of poltergeist activity that involves the generation of motive forces on furniture and small "loose" items, it is actually a COMBINATION of the steady anti-mass field radiation and pulses of anti-mass field radiation with the sawtooth shaped waveform issuing from a human circulatory system that accounts for this paranormal phenomenon. As one of these objects is SIMULTANEOUSLY penetrated by BOTH of these forms of anti-mass field radiation, the sawtooth pulses can be thought of as forming "equivalent" CROSSED or PERPENDICULAR electric and magnetic fields inside of the object. The magnetic field component of these equivalent fields then interacts with the steady anti-mass field radiation also penetrating the same space inside of the object to produce the effect of slightly weakening the electrostatic forces of attraction that hold the objects atoms together. This then allows the thermal energy of the object to actually highly ionize the atoms and molecules of which it is composed. During this process, the object's temperature can suddenly drop many degrees depending on the material out of which it is composed.

The resulting ions that form will then find themselves in a region of space that is penetrated by the equivalent CROSSED electric and magnetic fields associated with the sawtooth pulsing component of the female's anti-mass field radiation emission. The ions in the object will then "feel" what are known as "Lorentz forces" acting on them. These forces will, depending on the orientation of the equivalent electric and magnetic fields inside of the object, be EITHER pulled toward the source of the anti-mass field radiation (i.e., the female) OR pushed away from it. The resulting direction of motion of the object is, ultimately, determined by the direction in which the intensity peaks of the sawtooth pulses lean.

We see from this that objects of various sizes in adjacent rooms will, during certain brief intervals when the menstruating or premenstrual female is emitting the required anti-mass field radiations, either move toward or away from the female. If she only weakly emits the anti-mass field radiations or poorly directs them, then only smaller objects such as books or dishes may take flight. If, however, she is a strong emitter, then she may be able to slide furniture about if it is light enough or mounted on casters. She may also be able to knock over free standing items such as book shelves or grandfather clocks. Since the required anti-mass field radiations penetrate floors, walls, and ceilings to usually produce object motion in rooms not immediately visible to witnesses, one might assume that these effects can not occur in the immediate vicinity of the person that is causing them. However, it is also entirely possible for this type of Category 1 effect to manifest in full sight of witnesses. In such rare cases, it usually become obvious that the effects are associated with a single person in the dwelling. When that happens, it may be falsely assumed that the person is "haunted".

The phenomenon of mystery fires that can occur without warning in haunted dwelling can also be understood in terms of the above mentioned forms of anti-mass field radiation. In this case, we see that pulses of anti-mass field radiation with the sinusoidal waveform are the cause.

As in the case of poltergeist activity, the steady and sawtooth pulsing anti-mass field radiation components emitted from a human circulatory system induce a high degree of ionization in objects. Only in the cases of mystery fires, this results in GREATLY lowering the electrical conductivity of the organic materials that normally are found in combustible materials such as cloth or paper. Objects made of these materials will then be penetrated by the sinusoidally pulsing anti-mass field radiation from the female source. These sinusoidal pulses, like the sawtooth waveform pulses, will also produce equivalent electric and magnetic fields in the material they penetrate. However, in the case of pulses with a sinusoidal waveform there is a BIG difference. Now, the equivalent electric field associated with the sinusoidal pulse rapidly REVERSES its direction with respect to the simultaneously present equivalent magnetic field. This rapidly oscillating electric field causes a heavy electrical current of loosened electrons to begin surging back and forth inside of the ionized material of the object which is still a poor conductor despite the increased concentration of conduction electrons in it. Because of the electrical resistance still present, the material begins to heat and quickly reaches the temperature at which it will ignite!

This effect has been noted repeatedly in the literature of the paranormal through the centuries and is often associated with women who experience rages. Perhaps their rages and the resulting fires occurred only during certain phases of their menstrual cycles.

There are many other bizarre effects occuring in haunted houses that can, with various modifications of the above hypothesis, be adequately rationalized by the emission of various forms of anti-mass field radiation from human witnesses, both male and female, who reside or visit the affected site. These include such effects as puddle formation, water spraying from walls, small items from OUTSIDE the dwelling appearing to drop out of the ceiling, etc. Unfortunately, it is beyond the scope of this short article to treat them all here.

Next, we must deal with the second catagory of paranormal effects seen, with far less frequency, inside of haunted dwelling that involves effects that are currently manifesting, but which are due to PAST occupants of the dwelling. As examples of these Category 2 effects, let us consider the cases wherein vague glowing forms are seen in older building and other cases in which contemporary "psychics" or "sensitives" are able to accurately detect the location and nature of the activities of past residents of the dwelling.

Let's begin with the stereotypical image that springs to mind when we hear the word "ghost". We imagine an indistinct, slightly glowing figure that either suddenly appears floating in mid-air in a room or which may appear and then slowly drift down a hallway or even up or down a flight of stairs. When static, this slightly luminous entity may just slowly fade away or, if moving, appear to drift away or even disappear by penetrating into a solid wall! Needless to say, people who witness such a manifestation find them to be rather frightening. However, sometimes the level of anxiety of witnesses will diminish when they realize that these apparitions have a tendency to reappear on a more or less regular schedule! Often the glowing figure will appear at around the same time of night, at about the same time of year, and, most consistently, in approximately the same location in the haunted dwelling! Fear is also further diminished when one realizes that these apparitions do not intelligently interact with witnesses nor even seem aware of their presence.

The best current explanation for these Category 2 types of manifestations is that they represent a kind of holographic image that is formed in the air of a room or other space inside the dwelling. The source pattern for this image was stored in the building materials of the dwelling's room or other space as a result of processes that were, at some past time, occuring inside of the body of a past resident or visitor to the dwelling. Then, at a later date, this source pattern is activated, under certain precise conditions, and results in a glowing and usually indistinct holographic three-dimensional image of the past resident forming in the air of the space enclosed by the floor, walls, and ceiling containing the source pattern. The image will be formed at approximately the same location (with respect to the space's enclosing surfaces) that was occupied by the past resident when he impressed the source pattern into the building materials surrounding his location.

As was noted in the previous discussion of poltergeist activity, during times of physiological stress in which vasoconstriction occurs, the human circulatory system can emit anti-mass field radiation that is both steady in intensity or as pulses with variously shaped waveforms. One type of pulse with the so-called "sinusoidal" waveform was seen to be implicated in cases of mysterious house fires that appeared to start for no obvious reason. We saw that when anti-mass field radiation left the body of a person and reached nearby combustible materials, it could cause heavy electrical current flows in these materials that heated them until ignition took place. This was due to the "equivalent" electric and magnetic fields associated with these anti-mass field radiation pulses which consisted of a stationary magnetic field and a rapidly reversing electric field at right angles to it forming inside the combustible materials of objects.

So we see from this that, if a past resident of a dwelling did experience some sort of extreme physiological stress that caused him (or her) to emit sinsoidal anti-mass field radiation, then the pulses of this new non-electromagentic radiation would emanate away from that person's circulatory system (which is located throughout his body) at light velocity and reach the surfaces of the floor, walls, and ceiling immediately surrounding him. At these surfaces, any steady anti-mass field radiation also emitted from the person's body would combine with the equivalent magnetic field associated with the sinusoidally pulsing anti-mass field radiation pulses to weaken the attractive forces that bind individual electrons to their respective atoms inside of the building materials. Thus, ordinary building materials such as wood, plaster, stone, etc. that are usually electrically nonconductive will begin to behave like electrical conductors as a large supply of conduction electrons begins to accumulate in them. At the same time, the rapidly reversing equivalent electric fields associated with the sinusoidal anti-mass field radiation pulses will cause these conduction electrons to form a complex and UNIQUE pattern of eddy currents in the building materials.

These eddy currents will then cause a physical change to occur in the microscopic crystalline structures found in the building materials. The invisible crystal structures are, most likely, randomly orientated when the materials were first put in place, but the eddy currents change this situation and force the crystals to replicate the complex pattern of the eddy currents induced in the building materials by the various anti-mass field radiations emitted from the past traumatized resident's body. Once this invisible holographic pattern is fixed, it remains permanent.

At some future time, environmental changes will take place in the structure of the dwelling that force each of the microscopic crystal structures in the building materials to begin emitting anti-mass field radiation of the steady type. There will be a fairly precise set of conditions that must exist SIMULTANEOUSLY in order to activate the previously reorientated microscopic crystals and cause them to start emitting steady anti-mass field radiation. I suspect that the flow of heat through the building materials and the temperature differences between rooms and even between the dwelling's interior air and the ground in its immediate proximity have much to do with the activation process. A precise flow of thermal energy through the materials will cause an increasing amount of microscopic electrical eddy currents to flow in its reorientated crystals and these will then act like microscopic anti-mass field generators that emit steady anti-mass field radiation which is projected BACK into the interior of the dwelling. The steady anti-mass field radiation from EACH reorientated crystal in the building material will be directed to the location in the room which contained that portion of the past resident's circulatory system which originally emitted the various anti-mass field radiations that resulted in the reorientation of that particular microscopic crystal.

As the steady anti-mass field radiation emitted by the holographic pattern fixed in the surrounding floor, walls, and ceiling arrives at the location ONCE occupied by a past resident of the dwelling who was responsible for that holographic pattern, an image of that person's circulatory system will form in the air at the location. This image will be slightly out of focus and, initially, INVISIBLE! In order for the image to become visible, it is necessary that the region of air containing the image ALSO be penetrated by a magnetic field. If a magnetic field is present, then the steady anti-mass field radiations that are CONVERGING to form the image of the past resident's circulatory system will combine with the magnetic field to lower the electrostatic foreces of attraction that hold individual electrons inside of their respective air molecules and atoms and the thermal energy of the the air will then be sufficient to ionize those air molecules and atoms. As the resulting plasma drifts out of the invisible image formed in the dwelling's interior, the plasma will deionize as its electrons return to their atomic orbits within the positively charged atomspheric ions and a VISIBLE glow will be produced. This glow is always of low intensity and best viewed in a pitch dark room. It is usually reported has having a pale bluish color.

As for the local magnetic field required to make a formed convergence image glow, this can usually be supplied by ferrous building materials that are present in the dwelling although not seen. For example, iron beams in ceilings and iron rods used to reinforce masonry. There may even be large deposits of minerals such as magnetite near or under the dwelling that penetrate each room of the dwelling with a magnetic field.

So, with the above mechanism, we have the beginning of a rationalization for the manifestation of the stereotypical ghosts occasionally described by witnesses. They are due to a past resident of or visitor to the thereafter haunted dwelling who experienced a sudden state of intense physiological stress that resulted in his bodily anti-mass field radiations altering the crystalline structures of the building materials in the floor, walls, and ceiling that surrounded him at the time of his trauma. The ghostly manifestations that result from this process are, thus, seen to be a natural form of holography. These Category 2 entities do NOT represent the souls of the dead who have returned to the dwelling for some purpose. There are variations of this model for ghostly apparitions that can also rationalize the very rare cases in which the visible image appears to move, float in the air, or penetrate walls, but, once again, this treatment is beyond the scope of this general article on the subject.

Next, I want to briefly deal with the experience of so-called psychics and sensitives when they enter a dwelling whose interior may have one or more of the above described holographic patterns stored in its building materials.

As these investigators enter such a dwelling they usually almost immediately become aware of a sensation of "pressure" that they feel on their skin. In these cases, they are most likely reacting to the varying intensities of steady anti-mass field radiation that emanate from the holographic patterns impressed into the building materials that surround them. In most cases, these fixed patterns may NOT have been impressed sufficiently enough in the past or be currently activated strongly enough to project the three-dimensional invisible image into a room that can result in the manifestation of the classical ghost as was described earlier. But, even a poorly impressed pattern that is weakly activated can still produce vague regions in rooms that can affect a true sensitive.

In particular rooms, the sensitive investigator may become aware that "something" of a traumatic nature occurred there in the past, but he may not be able to describe exactly what the event was. Should the sensitive physically enter the region of the room where the invisible, poorly formed and defined image is formed, he may feel unusually strong pressure on his skin. This effect is easily rationalized by assuming that the steady anti-mass field radiation that now penetrates his body is combining with any natural internal bodily magnetic fields he produces so as to ionize and thus stimulate various nerves throughout his body. Thus, he may feel pressure on his skin or, if the ionization interfers with nerve conduction, he may have difficulty breathing, be momentarily paralyzed, or even rendered blind!

Sometimes sensitives as well as ordinary investigators can locate a region in a room in which, if they insert their hands into the air in this region, they will suddenly feel a sharp drop in temperature. This effect can be due to anti-mass field radiation stimulation of the nerves in the skin which control the diameter of small capillaries in the skin. As sudden vasoconstriction takes place in these capillaries, one gets the immediate sensation that one's hand is freezing. A standard mercury thermometer inserted into the region will, however, only show a normal temperature for the room. In this case the ioniztion of the mercury does not take place because it has no local magnetic field penetrating it.

However, on occasion, a thermometer inserted into a region of air inside of a room may show that a temperature drop of several degrees does exist ONLY in that region. In these cases, we can assume that a fairly strong invisible image is being formed in that region of air and there is a strong local magnetic field present. Under these conditions, air in the region will be ionized and the energy to accomplish the ejection of electrons from their respective atmospheric molecules and atoms to form plasma will be derived from the thermal energy of the air itself. This will slightly chill the air in that region and, as the air slowly drifts out of the region, it will again warm up as its electrons rejoin the positively charged ions they momentarily left. When such "cold spots" are encountered, their approximate location within the room should be marked. If the image is not too diffuse or blurry, it may, when the room is pitch dark, produce the VISIBLE glow associated with the classical ghost.

Finally, as far as sensitives are concerned, I want to briefly describe what can happen should such a person actually places his ENTIRE body into a region of space in a room which contains a well-formed invisible image of a past resident's circulatory system. In this situation, IF the sensitive has his own strong internal bodily magnetic fields and he is positioned properly so as to accurately superimpose himself with the volume of space that was occupied by the past resident, then the invesitgator may be able to actually PHYSICALLY experience the SAME trauma that the past resident experienced when he originally caused the holographic pattern to be fixed into the room's building materials. Thus, the sensitive may feel sudden pain in a the part of his body which corresponds to that part of the past resident's body that was previously injured. If a past resident experienced a heart attack, then the sensitive may feel crushing pains in his chest. If the past resident was the victim of some sort of violent assault, then the sensitive may feel acute pain in a part of his body which matches that body part of the past resident that was injured.

This bizarre effect is not limited to just physical sensations, but can also involve psychological states. In these cases the steady anti-mass field radiation that penetrates the sensitive's brain can stimulate various structures there when it interacts with any internal magnetic fields present in his cranium. Thus, in these rare Category 2 cases, the sensitive may suddenly feel rage, fear, love, or grief. From the sensations that the sensitive experiences in the haunted dwelling, he may be able to accurately describe events that occurred there hundreds of years prior.

It is important for the reader to realize, once again, that the experiences of the genuine psychic or sensitive do NOT mean that they are in some sort of contact with the spirits of the dead. Rather, these investigators are simply detecting information about past residents of dwellings that has been preserved in a most remarkable manner. In essence, these investigators are simply detecting and describing a RECORDED image. It may be rather esoteric in nature and involve a new form of non-electtromagnetic radiation, but it is still only an impression left by someone in the past...nothing more.

Next, we must deal with some of the paranormal phenomena of Category 3 that can occur in haunted dwelling. These involve the very rarely encountered cases wherein the effects that are manifesting can be attributed to the presence of NON-human beings within the dwelling. These types of cases tend to repeat the least often, but tend to be more bizarre and mysterious in nature when they do occur. They truly can make one believe in the existence of restless souls who have been trapped between our world and the next.

As most students of ufology will know, there are now MANY cases of ALLEGED abductions of human beings by the ufonauts that operate UFO's. While I am comfortable with the idea that SOME of these cases are, indeed, genuine, I am of the opinion that, perhaps, well over 99% are not "the real thing". Of the very few that are genuine, the vast majority of these occur while the abductee was out of doors...either while driving or camping out under conditions where he was readily accessible. Perhaps, on very rarely, ufonauts will enter a home and abduct a person. This is certainly not beyond their technical capabilities.

With the use of portable equipment, a ufonaut can levitate himself, turn invisible, and even interpentrate solid structures like walls or doors. So, if we imagine that the ufonauts who visit Earth are on scientific missions to obtain information about human societies, then it would only seem logical to assume that, on rare occasion, they do enter our dwellings. While there, they probably make an extensive photographic record of the interior, take samples of various building materials that we use, and even take small manufactured items from the house which, upon later analysis, would give them a fairly good idea of our level of technological progress.

However, I am not convinced that the main purpose of most house penetrations by ufonauts is for abduction, but rather for exploration and ,POSSIBLY, very limited interaction with any human occupants of the dwelling. If a human resident of such a "visited" dwelling awakens in the morning and finds evidence that the furniture or other items were disturbed during the night, then he might readily conclude that he has a ghost that is haunting his property. If the human occupant happens to actually see items being moved about by invisible ufonauts, then he will be VERY terrified and convinced beyond all contrary arguementation that his home is haunted!

While extraterrestrial intruders do account for a small percentage of the paranormal phenomena that occur in haunted dwelling due to a non-human presence, I believe that a far larger percentage is caused by the intrusions of subterrestrial beings. As I wrote about in a previous article (see the author's article titled "The Hidden Realms of the Underworld"), there seems to be rather convincing evidence that the upper crust of our Earth is inhabited by creatures who are the remote descendants of early hominid creatures that chose to sit out the various Ice Ages by descending into the warmer interior of our planet rather that to risk extinction on its frozen surface. These beings are LIVING primates who, in the radioactive inner caverns of the crust, experienced accelerated mutation so that they could survive in their new environment. Because of this, I must classify most of them as "non-human". Most of them may have undergone so much evolution that the differences between their genomes and ours is now sufficient enough for them to be considered non-human.

Unlike ufonauts who usually must rely upon portable equipment to generate such effects as levitation, invisibility, or interpenetration, the subterrestrials have, over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, evolved the natural ability to generate these effects at will. In general, these creatures are benign and do not wish to interact with surface humanity which they perceive as dangerous. Since the subterrestrial beings of the Earth's crust can not use fire due to the limited supply of oxygen available to them underground, they never developed the kind of technology that they would need to defend themselves against the various weapons that surface humans have at their disposal. These creatures depend upon their evolved paranormal abilities and simple evasion to insure their survival.

However, although they fear surface humanity, they are very curious about human life on the surface and, perhaps, are envious of the various products of technology that make surface life comfortable for humans. Occasionally, I believe, some of these creatures do come to the surface to explore it and enjoy, for a brief time, its beauty. On very rare occasion, they will enter a dwelling in search of items that they can take back to their underground realms. Such things as clothing, utensils, and cups seem to be of particular interest to them as well as small items of jewelry and hand mirrors. When such items mysteriously disappear from a dwelling and no other cause can be found, then I would not feel too uncomfortable advancing the "subterrestrial hypothesis" to account for the missing items.

Of course, the best place for them to "hunt" for items is in INHABITED dwellings and this increases the risk that they will interact with its human residents. To minimize this possibility, these creatures usually enter the homes and maintain themselves in a state of invisibility. They can enter homes by interpenetrating any solid rock and soil that intervenes between the dwelling's basement and nearby subterranean passageways that run under or near the building. They can also simply emerge on the Earth's surface and walk up to the dwelling at which point they can easily pass through locked doors or walls. The only type of home security system that is capable of detecting their presence is one which can detect noises or the presence of body heat. Thus, when such systems seem to go off at night for no apparent reason, it may be due to penetration of the dwelling by an invisible subterrestrial.

As in the case of intruding ufonauts, a human resident may, on rare occasion, see furniture mysteriously being moved about by these creatures in their search for items to steal. Although the subterrestrial may be invisible, the effects of his actions can be quite dramatic. Books may fly off of shelves, doors may slowly open and close, and drawers slide in and out of bureaus apparently by themselves! On occasion, these creatures may attempt to touch a human being. They may pull on women's hair or poke people to watch their reactions. Other annoying pranks can include striking sleeping individuals or suddenly yanking sheets or blankets off of them! Because the preferred mode of communication in the subterrestrial world is telepathy, these creatures may attempt to communicate telepathically with human residents of the dwelling. Thus, humans may have sudden urges to do usual things or go to various parts of the dwelling for no apparent reason. A sleeping person may suddenly experience a vivid "dream" which is actually a series of images that are telepathically transmitted into his mind by one of these creatures. Only on the very rarest of occasions will a human actually be able to see such a creature when it is visible. The presence of subterrestrials in dwellings can also account for the sudden presence of intense odors. These smells seem to ones that could be associated with a creature who inhabits the depths of the Earth's crust. They may leave an oily or sulphurous odor at a residence.

Like ufonauts, the subterrestrials who, enter human dwellings tend to be benign, although their presence is usually unwanted and, when initially experienced, can be be terrifying.

Finally, in concluding this article, I want to briefly touch upon a final cause of dwelling penetrations that may, as bizarre as this will sound, actually be due to the presence of a HUMAN being who WAS previously deceased. The evidence for these Category 4 cases is very, very slight, but they do exist and are the MOST interesting POSSIBLE cause for a haunting.

By treating the matter of a human who was previously deceased, I am not referring to the many reported cases of "zombies" that surfaced during the twentieth century in various Carribean islands where voodoo is practiced. These cases only APPEARED to involve the return of the dead. In reality, they involved unfortunate people who had been poisoned with an extract derived from the puffer fish which produces a temporary dead-like state. After the victims were promptly buried in the warm tropical climate, they were quickly unearthed by the individuals responsible for their poisoning and revived to full consciousness. However, the deep coma that they were in for several hours coupled with the greatly reduced supply of oxygen to their brains would result in a loss of almost all memory of their identity or past life. In this state, they could be used as slaves to perform work mindlessly for their masters. Only a handful of the victims of this process have been successfully restored to their prior states. Again, it is important to realize that these zombies were not resurrected to life because, in fact, they were not really dead at any time.

I am, however, referring to the very rare cases in which a deceased person, usually a young adult, suddenly appears in the locale of their burial a few weeks or months AFTER they have ACTUALLY died! In most cases they seem to then possess enhanced paranormal powers that allow them to perform the same type of behavior noted for some of the extraterrestrial and subterrestrial beings which, as was previously described, involves the ability to levitate, turn invisible, and penetrate solid barriers. They may be seen at night on the roadside signaling lone drivers for a ride and, if given one, mysteriously disappear into thin air at the conclusion of the ride. They may visit their former residence or its neighborhood and attempt some sort of conversation with associates there that they knew in their former life. Needless to say, anyone who might encounter such a person that everyone believed to be deceased, would surely be 100% convinced that they had seen a ghost!

There is, however, an alternative explanation for such bizarre Category 4 cases. Of course, one can just dismiss the anecdotal "data" of these cases as being false. Or, one can advance another hypothesis that acknowledges their reality, yet does not require one to believe that they are due to the return of some person's "restless" soul. Let me briefly give the outline of this alternative approach to rationalizing such cases.

I begin by stating that the source of these cases was a person who DID actually die and was buried. Let us further assume that she was a young adult female and died of some infectious disease that overwhelmed her body's natural defenses until she expired. Let us further assume that, after her death, she was NOT embalmed and given a quick burial. Perhaps she died prior to the beginning of the 20th century when embalming was not yet routine or, perhaps, her family did not believe in the practice for some reason.

Now let us imagine that the graveyard in which this newly deceased person was buried was near a subterranean passageway that subterrestrial beings use as they move between their underground world and the surface of our planet. Since the passageway runs UNDER the graveyard, it is possible for these creatures to interpenetrate any intervening rock and soil between their passageway and a newly buried casket. They might do this occasionally to see it they could recover personal items from the casket that had been buried with the deceased. These items would be things such as clothing or jewelry.

In the particular generalized scenario being considered here, we can imagine that as a subterrestrial being reaches the female's casket, he manages to touch it and allow the various anti-mass field radiation emissions from his body's circulatory system to greatly lower the mass of the casket while SIMULTANEOUSLY lowering the repulsive electrostatic forces that exist between LIKE electrically charged subatomic particles in its molecular structure. This condition of the casket allows the subterrestrial to slowly tug on it and then literally pull it through the intervening feet of soil and rock until it reaches the air filled subterranean passageway under the cemetary. At this point, the subterrestrial releases the casket and his bodily anti-mass field radiations no longer affect it.

While resting on the floor of the passageway with its full mass again, the casket's cover is forced off and the subterrestrial then views the body of a young woman. Let us assume that the subterrestrial is one from a race that inhabits the upper levels of the Earth's crust and is still fairly human in appearance due to a genome that is not yet too mutated from the human one. The untimely dead of the attractive young woman seems tragic to the subterrestrial and, rather than plundering her casket, he decides to initiate a VERY rare procedure...the resurrection of a deceased human by a subterrestrial!

It is, unfortunately, beyond the scope of the present article to go into all of the many physical processes that could make the resurrection of the dead possible (the reader interested in more details on this fascinating possibility should see the author's article titled "The Preservation and Resurrection of the Dead"), however, let me just state that several subterrestrial beings, working together, could provide the necessary conditions for resurrection to occur. Several of the creatures would have to surround the body of the deceased and then EACH would produce their maximum output of anti-mass field radiation. This radiation would overlap in the region of space occupied by the cadaver and would immediately lower its mass to zero. Since the kinetic energies of subatomic particles MUST be conserved as they lose mass, they will respond with an INFINITE increase in velocity as they become massless.

In fact, ALL atomic and molecular motions within the dead woman's body will immediately increase. She will rapidly absorb water from the dank atmosphere of the subterranean passageway to replace any lost from her body since the time that she died. With newly rehydrated body fluids, her heart will start to beat again and all of her body's healing processes will be reactivated and enormously accelerated. Any infection in her system will be destroyed and any cellular damage caused by it will be quickly replaced with fresh LIVING tissue. In, perhaps, LESS than a minute after the subterrestrials begin the joint emission of their maximum output of anti-mass field radiation, the young woman will begin breathing and regain full consciousness!

Initially, she may believe that she is still at home in her sick bed and be wondering why it is so dark. As fear begins to set in, the subterrestrials will then use their powerful telepathic abilities to tell her to be unafraid and will be able to put her into a tranquil mood. However, she will still be in the dark and wondering where she is.

I am of the opinion that the "resurrection process" may have an interesting secondary effect. If performed on a human, it may bestow limited paranormal abilities onto that person. If this is the case, then the hypothetical human female we are considering here may find that she now has vision that extends down into the near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum and that she is finding it easier and easier to pick up the thoughts of the benevolent figures that surround her. She can see that she is in some sort of cave and that the beings near her seem human. But, she wants to know exactly what is going on and how she got to her new location from her sickroom.

Perhaps over the next hour or so, the subterrestrials would telepathically communicate to her that she was dead and that they brought her back to life. They would explain to her all about their subterrestrial race's existence and their lives underground. They would also tell her that, because of this and her new powers, she should not try to return to her former life on the surface of the Earth. Her sudden arrival after being buried would just create too much shock in the family and community to which she might want to return. Although her friends and family would be overjoyed to see her alive again, the news of this event might leak out and other humans, desperate to obtain a means of escaping death, would have the entire cemetary excavated until they found the passageway used by the subterrestrials. If these humans then discovered the subterranean dwelling places of the defenseless subterrestrial beings who had resurrected this woman, they might threaten or even kill the subterrestrials in order to be able to overcome death!

After thinking the matter over calmly for several days, the young woman might finally realize that she could not really permanently rejoin surface humanity, but would have to settle for an occasional visit to the surface location of her former life. She might visit her former home and perhaps even enter it to retrieve precious items to take back with her to her new subterranean life. When these items were noticed to be missing by her friends or relatives, they would assume that it was a "sign" that the deceased young woman had taken them with her into the afterlife. In a sense, they would be right...but, it would not be an afterlife up in heaven, rather it would be an actual PHYSICAL afterlife deep within the protective crust of our planet.

There is even a more compelling reason why the hypothetical woman in this generalized scenario would not want to return to the surface world to live. With enhanced paranormal powers, she would now have the ability to produce anti-mass field radiation from her own circulatory system just as the subterrestrials do. One of the consequences of the massless state is that, aside for allowing for the possibility of the resurrection of the dead, it also allows a LIVING being to indefinitely rejuvenate it's bodily cells and, thereby, attain physical IMMORTALITY! If the woman was to return to the surface world and try to live a normal life there by not revealing her experience and abilities, she would find that all of her closest friends would slowly grow old and die off while she would forever remain young and vital. Thus, as the centuries passed, she would only know the continual heartache of losing the people closest to her. Unfortunately, this is the price demanded by all those who would now want to escape the finality of death.

But the fate of our hypothetical resurrected human female is not that bleak. Life could probably be comfortable for her in her new subterranean environment. She would have the company of creatures with the same powers as she. There would be food, drink, and social interaction. She might even fall in love with a male of the more human subterrestrials and bear children. There would always be visits to the surface world and the possibility that the day might come when it would be possible for her to openly return to the surface again!

That would be shortly after that day when humanity discovers how to ARTIFICIALLY generate anti-mass field radiation of its own and begins to realize all of the miraculous effects that can be achieved with it. Soon thereafter, surface humanity would have the same abilities that the subterrestrials now naturally possess. When that happens, there would be no reason for surface humans to try to harm the subterrestrials and, in fact, the subterrestrials would be able to openly show themselves. I am confident that the surface humanity of that day will not react with fear, but, rather, with fascination about the existence of humanity's long lost subterrestrial relatives!

I can envision a day when surface humans, subterrestrials, and even extraterrestrial races will be able to peacefully and beneficially interact with each other. Perhaps that day will dawn sometime in the next few centuries...

(Note: this article completed July 6th, 2004)