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The Hidden Realms of the Underworld

by Kenneth W. Behrendt

One can spend so much time and thought contemplating the possibility of extraterrestrial life which accounts for the various UFO sightings reported throughout history that one may overlook another equally exciting possibility. I am referring to the possibility that OUR planet is also host to OTHER forms of sentient life apart from its surface dwelling human populations. Indeed, after a lifetime of studying bizarre phenomena and sightings, I am somewhat convinced that the upper layers of Earth's rocky crust are inhabited by beings who are very remote ancestors of its surface humanity!

I am of the belief that many hundreds of thousands of years ago as the various Ice Ages caused the Earth's polar caps to expand toward its equator, early surface dwelling hominids were basically split into two distinct groups: those who could use fire and those which did not possess this ability. The fire makers would have been able to survive the freezing surface temperatures by warming their drafty caves or huts, but the non-fire makers would have been forced to seek out the natural geothermal heat within the Earth's crust in order to survive.

These non-fire makers would have escaped the frigid ice flows by retreating deep into natural limestone caverns and then, via crevices, descending far down into the crust where temperatures are higher. Most people do not realize that the temperature inside of the Earth's crust RISES by about 1.8 Fahrenheit for every 100 feet that one decends into the planet. Thus, if a surface cave's temperature was 70 F, one could descend to a depth of about 1666 feet before the ambient air temperature in the passage reached 100 F. If the ground temperature was reduced to the freezing point of water or 32 F by a layer of glacial ice, then it becomes possible to descend to a depth of 3777 feet or about 7/10ths of a mile before the ambient temperature reaches 100 F.

Thus, we see from this that modern humanity's early non-fire making ancestors could have easily used the natural caverns and crevices to explore the Earth's crust to considerable depths...3777 feet down into the Earth is about 3 times the height of the Empire State Building!

However, these early subterrestrial hominids would have been exposed to something at those depths for which they would have been unprepared...increasing levels of various forms of radioactivity that occur due to the natural radioisotopes contained in the very rocks and minerals of the natural and artificial passageways that they would have used. Ordinarily, a surface dwelling human being experiences a whole body exposure to about 125 millirems of radiation per year. Our subterrestrial dwelling ancestors, however, may have had exposures to THOUSANDS of millirems per year. Such continuous exposure can produce a chronic form of low level radiation poisoning and result in genetic damage that shows up in the form of an increased rate of birth defects and miscarriages.

The early subterrestrial hominids would, however, have had to endure these radiation related problems because they would be preferable to the certainty of death by freezing on the Earth's surface. Although live births would be the exception, we can imagine that, over the course of tens of thousands of years, these hominids would have evolved the ability to withstand the highly radioactive environment. With an enhanced rate of genetic mutation and natural selection taking place, we can imagine that those living deepest inside the Earth's crust might have developed thick skins which would contain high concentrations of metals that would effectively stop or, at least, greatly reduce the amount of radioactive decay particles and ionizing radiation that penetrated their bodies. Depending on the particular organometallic compounds in their skin, these beings might have a greenish or bluish skin color when viewed in white light. Thus, the initially elevated rate of mutation would, as long as it did not kill an entire subterrestrial population, actually allow them to evolve the ability to adapt to their new environment!

Their rapid rate of mutation would also allow them to evolve other capabilities that would be essential for survival at depths of up to a mile underground. For example, the limited supply of air in underground chambers would prohibit the use of fire for illumination and, as a result, all of the subterrestrial beings would eventually develop the ability to see in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Initially, they would all have been muscular individuals built to successfully hunt prey on the Earth's surface, but would have become smaller as this new bodily characteristic was naturally selected so that they could squeeze their way through passageways that grow narrower with depth. To facilitate movement through tight passageways and crevices, it is desirable to have a light body. To obtain this characteristic, they would eventually have evolved the ability to alter their normal body mass and the gravitational and inertial properties associated with it.

From studying the few well documented cases of human beings who were able to levitate themselves, I am convinced that the natural physiological process by which this is achieved is very similar to the artificial process which is utilized by an extraterrestrial craft to negate its normal mass so it can hover in Earth's atmosphere without any apparent means of propulsion and, when in space, achieve faster than light travel velocities. This process, when used by levitating beings, requires the emission from the organism's body of a form of non-electromagnetic radiation which I call "anti-mass field radiation". This radiation is, in the case of living creatures who can emit it, produced by the interaction of electric and magnetic fields within the organism's circulatory system. Once emitted, anti-mass field radiation basically cancels out the normally present "mass field radiation" that emanates out from the subatomic particles that compose the atoms of the being's body and which gives rise to that being's normal properties of weight and inertia. (Note: It is, unfortunately, beyond the scope of the present article to delve into the physics of anti-mass fields in depth and their role in levitation. The reader interested in this topic should see the author's article titled "A UFO Propulsion Primer" or, particularly for human levitation, his book titled "The Physics of the Paranormal".)

By evolving the ability to negate their normal emissions of mass field radiation, deep dwelling subterrestrial beings eventually developed the capability to become weightless and inertialess. In this state they can easily and quickly push themselves along tight passageways until they reach the more spacious chambers where they live. There, they may resume their full normal masses and weights and be able to easily walk around in a standing position.

From my research into UFO technology, I learned that such a craft can use its emitted anti-mass field radiation for more than just negating its normal mass and inertia. For example, by unbalancing the intensities of the electric and magnetic fields used to generate the craft's anti-mass field radiation, it is possible to emit anti-mass field radiation with different types of "character". There are TWO distinct types of character. One type tends to weaken the electrostatic forces of attraction between UNLIKE electrically charged subatomic paricles in matter. The other type tends to weaken the electrostatic forces of repulsion between LIKE electrically charged subatomic particles in matter.

In the case of our subterrestrial beings we are considering, this ability to alter the character of their emitted anti-mass field radiations would have evolved over time and given them amazing abiliies that could aid their survival in the underworld realms in which they dwell. The anti-mass field radiation with the character that weakens the electrostatic forces between unlike electrically charged particles will affect the attraction between the positively charged nuclei in the atoms of their bodies and the negatively charged electrons of those atoms. This action then causes the atomic orbits of a subterrestrial being to expand slightly so as to affect the various quantum energy levels within his atoms. It is these energy levels that determine what frequencies of electromagnetic radiation these atoms will interact with which then determines the colors and optical properties of a subterrestrial's bodily tissues. If the creature can emit enough anti-mass field radiation of the right character, he can force his bodily atoms to no longer interact with electromagnetic radiation in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. When this happens, he will simply fade out while viewed and become invisible!

The ability to become invisible can be a powerful means of defense well as offense. It allows one to escape from enemies or to be able to sneak up on them undetected for an attack. When the subterrestrial ancestors first entered the crust of the Earth many hundrends of thousands of years ago, they must have had to compete with each other for space and food. Those that evolved the ability to become invisible first would have had a tremendous advantage in the struggle for survival.

By emitting anti-mass field radiation of the correct character so as to alter his atomic structure to achieve optical invisibility, a subterrestrial would also no longer be interacting with photons of INFRARED electromagnetic radiation. Thus, as the subterrestrials explored and inhabited even deeper realms where the ambient air temperatures began to rise beyond 100 F, they would be obliged to then make themselves "invisible" to infrared radiation to keep from overheating. This radiation tends to be absorbed by the electrons involved in chemical bonds and causes the molecules containing the chemical bonds to begin spinning and vibrating. This action then causes the larger structures made of these molecules to begin heating up. Once subterrestrials could withstand the hottest temperatures within our Earth's crust, the only further limitations that they would encounter would be due to the decreasing sizes of the crevices and passageways that they would have to travel through at great depths (perhaps over a mile deep) below the surface.

The problem of rock barriers to mobility at great depths is, amazingly enough, neatly solved by the OTHER distinct character that the anti-mass field radiation emitted from a subterrestrial's circulatory system can have. I am referring to that character of the bodily anti-mass field radiation that these subterrestrials can produce which can greatly reduce the electrostatic force of repulsion that normally exists between like electrically charged subatomic particles in matter. By emitting this form of anti-mass field radiation, a subterrestrial being could, momentarily, be able to interpenetrate SOLID rock!

As most technically oriented readers of this article will be aware, solid matter is really over 99.99% empty space and the only thing that prevents two pieces of matter from passing through each other is the mutual forces of repulsion that exist between the like charged electrons and between like charged protons in both pieces of matter. If, however, as I believe most of the subterrestrials can do, one could greatly reduce these electrostatic repulsive forces, then one could easily push one's hand and arm directly into a solid piece of rock. Since the structural integrity of the hand and rock are SEPARATELY maintained by the electrostatic forces of ATTRACTION that exist between UNLIKE electrically charged subatomic particles in their atoms and molecules, each continues to possess its normal chemical and physical properties with`the exception that BOTH occupy the same space at the same time!

A person whose hand and arm have, while emitting the correct character of anti-mass field radiation, interpenetrated a wall of solid rock would still be able to flex his fingers and eventually withdraw this hand and arm from the rock without in any way affecting the rock. Of course, if something went wrong with metabolic processes that produced the character altered anti-mass field radiation from the hand and arm, then these body parts would no longer interpenetrate the rock but, rather, would then actually become part of the rock! In this case, circulation in the limb would stop and the limb would quickly die.

As was noted above, the ability to momentarily interpenetrate solid rock would allow some of the more adventurous subterrestrials to explore and inhabit the deepest caverns in the Earth's crust. They could use this ability to push their way through the tightest of crevices and passageways. They, most likely, would even use this ability to occasionally push their entire bodies through rock walls that might be several feet thick in order to reach open space on the other side. Once through the rock, they could stop emitting character altered anti-mass field radiation and resume normal biological activity. However, if the air temperature of the cavern they inhabited was excessive, they might continue to emit the other form of anti-mass field radiation that makes them immune to heating by the infrared radiation given off by the surrounding atmosphere and rock walls. Perhaps as these deepest dwelling subterrestrials colonize a certain area, they artifically widen passageways or even excavate new passageways so that they can more quickly more about without having to rely on the use of their ability to interpenetrate solid rock. This subterranean construction would help to minimize the possiblity of one of the these creatures accidentally getting "stuck" in solid rock should he tire while exerting himself and thereby not be able to emit the correct form of anti-mass field radiation at sufficient intensity to maintain the interpenetration.

With all of these remarkable abilities, one might assume that subterrestrial beings are also radically different from Earth's surface dwelling animals in other ways. I, however, am not convinced that this is the case. It must be remembered that, so far in this article, we have been discribing beings who are remote ancestors of HUMAN BEINGS! They are basically primates and must still eat, breathe air, and reproduce like any other mammal. They can be expected to have some sort of family and community structures and to communicate with each other through spoken or telepathic language. Like surface humanity, they may have had their wars, religions, philosophies, and histories. Some of them will appear to be quite human in appearance while others will possess rather grotesque distortions of human features. I suspect that subterrestrials, with a few notable exceptions (like "big foot" type creatures) will appear more human-like as they inhabit underworld realms closer to the Earth's surface and will appear less human like as they dwell deeper within our planet's crust.

There will, however, be some rather obvious differences in the cultures of subterrestrials that will be caused by the fact that they spend most of their lives living underground within the limited confines of natural and artificial rock chambers and passageways.

First of all, they will not be able to use fire! Remember, our remote ancestors had descended into the crust in order to escape the frigid surface temperatures brought on by the Ice Ages that were present during early hominid evolution. At that time, they did not yet possess the ability to make fire and, once inside the warmer interior of the Earth's crust, had no need for its use to keep warm. Also, the use of fire inside of their subterranean caverns and passageways is precluded by the limited air supply available to them. Use of fire would have rapidly consumed this limited air supply and contaminated it with toxic gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Without the ability to use fire, these early subterrestrial beings would never have been able to develop any type of technology beyond the simplest of hand tools and implements. Every important aspect of survival that they would need, they would have to slowly evolve over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. However, once these traits had evolved they would be then be available for use and not prone to the many malfunctions to which artificial systems are prone. Thus, to levitate, become invisible, or interpenetrate solid rock, a subterrestrial being who had evolved these abilities would merely have to will it...he would not have to be burdened with carrying and maintaining any kind of technological equipment to generate these awesome effects.

One might wonder how our early subterrestrial ancestors managed to see their way along deep passageways if they could not use fire and had not yet evolved the ability to see in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

To resolve this matter, we can imagine that, as these beings descended into the crust, they discovered other life forms already well established there. Animal life in the form of small fish and amphibians might have been found in subterranean lakes and pools. And, to complete the ecosystem, there would have to have also been plant life present. This plant life would have to consist entirely of molds, fungi, and higher forms that can produce EDIBLE vegetation without the use of photosynthesis. Perhaps the higher forms of subterranean plant life use "thermosynthesis" rather than photosynthesis; that is, they are able to convert the atmospheric humidity and subterranean animal life generated carbon dioxide into edible carbohydrates by using the thermal energy of the warm rock walls instead of the radiant energy of sunlight as do Earth's surface flora.

Since many species of surface molds and fungi are bioluminescent, it is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to assume that the plant life our subterranean ancestors encountered would have provided enough "chemical light" for them to easily see each other and move about and explore their new environment. The ecosystem of animals and plants, even a great depths inside the crust, would have provided an abundant supply of food for these earliest of subterrestrials. As early hominids crust dwellers died off, their bodies would return organic materials to the ecosystem to maintain its equilibrium. However, expansion of the ecosystem would only be possible if fresh organic material could be brought down into the realms of the underworld. It can only be surmised that with the retreat and then reappearance of each new Ice Age, some new surface dwellers would be driven underground for shelter and would add to the biomass of the ecosystem already established there.

With each new Ice Age, newcomers would arrive in the upper levels of the crust and have to deal with those more highly evolved subterrestrials already inhabiting caverns near the Earth's surface. There must have been much strife until, in time, the newcomers learned to communicate and live in peace with those who had arrived, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of years earlier. We can also imagine that with each new Ice Age and arrival of surface hominids seeking shelter, the deepest dwelling subterrestrials would be driven even deeper into the Earth's crust and would, consequently, need to continue to evolve new traits for survival.

If the above scenario is accurate, then it is quite possible that right now the Earth's crust could be supporting a subterranean population that numbers in the MILLIONS! Yet, most of present day surface humanity is only dimly aware of this possibility. For the most part, I am of the belief that Earth's subterrestrial population is quite content to remain separate from surface humanity. They, most likely, are curious about the surface world they once inhabited eons ago, but fear encounters with surface humanity which may possess offensive technology that can be harmful to them. However, of the many cases of sightings of creatures which appear to be of subterrestrial origin that I have studied, it appears to me that they have great interest in the the products of terrestrial technology that we produce which they can not make because they can not use fire. For example, those subterrestrials nearest the surface of Earth's crust may occasionally exit their underworld realms via "portals". These underground passageways come so near the surface that it is possible for these beings to exit them through narrow openings or by actually interpenetrating only a foot or so of solid rock. Once on the Earth's surface they resume normal mass and weight and are able to enter empty houses or stores in search of items to steal. They may take clothing, simple metal tools, grooming items, etc. These are mainly small objects which they can easily carry back to their underworld realms and which are then traded amongst the beings there.

Perhaps some day soon it may be possible to communicate with those subterrestrials who dwell nearest the surface. This will, no doubt, be extremely difficult to do and would only be possible if these timid creatures can feel absolutely sure that they will not be harmed or interferred with in any way. Perhaps then we will be able to get an accurate idea of what their daily lives are like and what their histories are. In exchange for this fascinating information we might supply them with some simple products of surface technology that could make their lives more secure and comfortable.

Of the subterrestrials dwelling closest to the Earth's surface, we must now briefly consider an elusive creature called "Bigfoot", but also known as a "Sasqauatch" or "Skunk Ape". In the twentieth century there were many reported sightings of these large, hairy, ape-like animals in the northwestern part of the United States. Even when they were not directly observed, they often left their deeply impressed footprints behind for people to discover. These prints can be large with a big toe to heel measurement in excess of 16 inches (from whence the name "bigfoot" was derived in 1958 by a news reporter) and indicate body weights usually far in excess of two hundred and fifty pounds.

I became a believer in the existence of such creatures after viewing the famous Roger Paterson film that was made back in 1967 when Paterson, a former rodeo rider, had been traveling on horseback with a friend through a forest in Bluff Creek which is in the northern part of the state of California. The 24 feet of film Paterson managed to obtain that day shows a large, dark furred, ape-like being gingerly striding along the edge of a stream bed at a distance of about 130 feet from Paterson. It has been estimated from the film AND the footprints it left behind that the Bigfoot filmed was about 6 feet in height and weighed approximately 280 pounds.

What convinced me that this film was 100% genuine was a segment of it wherein the creature, while still continuing to move away from the camera, slowly turns and briefly looks directly toward the camera. Studying this movement in slow motion is most revealing. As the sunlight gleams off of the creature's shiny dark fur, one can make out the shape of muscles flexing under the fur in the legs. At chest level, pendulous breasts are momentarily visible which indicate that the subject of the film was a female! I also noted that when this Bigfoot turns toward the camera, she does not just turn her head, but rather swivels her entire upper body. This is movement that a large primate, like a great ape, must perform because the shortness of his neck makes turning just his head difficult to do without his large lower jaw hitting into his shoulder. Thus, he must turn his head by twisting his upper torso in the direction he wishes to look. Such details, in my opinion, make it EXTREMELY doubtful that this film is a hoax.

One wonders exactly where such creatures go when they are out of sight and when night falls. Unlike such animals as apes, Bigfoot must take shelter in easily accessible caves or subterranean caverns. Because of its huge size and need for calories and protein, it can not survive on the small amounts of food provided by a subterrestrial ecosystem. Rather, it is forced to leave its near surface subterrestrial environment and seek vegetation and small animals such as fish on the surface. Because of the powerful body of a Bigfoot, it is probably safe from any other animal in a forest, including such ones as bears and mountain lions. It is, however, very vulnerable to human beings and their firearms. It is for this reason that these creatures generally avoid humans.

In pondering the origin of Bigfoot type creatures, I came to believe that they are nothing more than various species of evolved subterranean hominids that belong to the genus known as "Gigantopithecantropus". Fossilized skeletal remains of this distant cousin of present day human beings were found in China in the 20th century and it was assumed that they had been extinct for about a hundred thousand years. It now seems far more likely that the last Ice Age merely drove them underground to seek the warmth and safety of the Earth's crust. Because of their high metabolic needs, they must remain near the surface so that they can access the more abundant food supply there.

With modern technology, it might be possible to capture a Bigfoot alive. If this could be done, then it might even be possible to develop some sort of sign language to communicate with it. Possibly, this would allow us to get a more detailed idea of how their tribes are structured. Then we could release the creature where it had been captured so that it could return to its own kind. However, to gain the trust of these very shy beings, we might let the one we free take back a small supply of items with him that might be of use to such a large primate that forages for food. Perhaps a supply of metal knives and axes. For the females among them, a supply of mirrors that would allow them to view themselves without having to look into the still surface of a pond would be well appeciated. With luck, the captured creature we freed would return to a designated meeting place for more items and we would be able to obtain more information as we continued to build up a bond of trust with the tribe.

If regular communication becomes possible with Bigfoot in the future, then it might even open up the possibility of surface humanity communicating with other deeper dwelling subterrestrials. Again, trading surface manufactured items for information, it may be possible, in some future century, to unite the terrestrial and subterrestrial worlds of Earth. One can only wonder what marvels will be revealed about the Earth and its past history if we are successful!

Let me conclude this article by briefly recounting what I believe to be a genuine subterrestrial sighting which occurred close the author's current residence!

Shortly after I moved to my current residence in surburban New Jersey in the spring of 1991, I made friends with a neighbor whose large property is near to ours. This neighbor had a daughter and her children living with him and one of the children was a young boy whom I shall refer to by the pseudonym of "Mikey".

During the spring of 1995 I was in our yard tending a small garden when I noticed that an advertising blimp was overflying my position at an unusually low altitude of only a few hundred feet. As this propeller driven craft slowly moved overhead, I heard Mikey over in my neighbor's yard let out a loud yell of excitement. He was about 12 years old at the time and had apparently never seen a blimp before at such close range.

He then popped his head up over the short stretch of stockade fence that borders part of his grandfather's property and asked me if it had been one of those flying saucers or UFO's that he had seen mentioned on a television program.

I explained to him that it was not, but rather was a small blimp used for advertising and that there was nothing to worry about. This calmed him down and we then began to discuss the topic of UFO's and extraterrestrial life which, despite his youth, he firmly believed in the existence of. I then asked him if he had ever seen a real UFO or anything else that was strange in his life. I have a habit of asking this question of people and have, over the decades, heard some very strange tales. But what Mikey began to tell me really caught my interest.

He told me that a few years prior to our conversation (at which time he would have been 10 years old and the year would have been 1993), he had been playing in his grandfather's yard toward late afternoon and decided to go to the extreme back part of the yard which is bordered by abandoned train tracks and a small creek. In order to reach the rearmost part of the yard, he had to walk around a large 24 foot diameter, above ground swimming pool which, because he was rather short for a 10 year old, completely blocked his view of the back of the yard.

As he moved around the side of the pool, Mikey suddenly became aware of a strange shape on the ground near the back of the yard. This shape was that of the body of a small humanoid creature that was squatting on the ground and holding something in its hands. This creature had greenish colored skin that appeared to made up of small scales like that of a lizard's skin. Its head was small and on its forehead were some sort of comblike growths that projected away from the forehead. Although this creature never stood erect during this sighting, I believe that its actual erect height would have been about 4 feet.

Mikey could see that this being was eating a small bunch of edible wild berries that grew on several bushes at the back of the yard at that time of year (note: one should never consume any wild berries that one finds unless one is absolutely SURE that they are NOT toxic). On each of his wrists, the creature wore a small gold bracelet! Aside from these accessories, this creature wore no other clothing.

As Mikey appeared from around the side of the above ground pool, the creature stopped eating the berries and slowly raised it head to stare at the child. Its eyes consisted of two large black pupils and as its gazed fixed upon Mikey, he felt a wave of intense fear rising within himself. The child then spun around and ran back to his grandfather's house as quickly as his legs could carry him. Minutes later, some adults accompanied Mikey back to the spot where he had seen the small being, but by that time it had gone.

Needless to say, I found Mikey's story VERY interesting. I am inclined to accept his description of the alleged encounter as true and accurate because I knew him for about a decade during which time I had never found him to tell a lie. I had inquired about the incident from several of the adults in his family and at least one verified that he remembered the experience, but had dismissed it as the product of youthful imagination (in other words, it was thought that Mikey had made it up even though he had insisted that he had not).

I consider it quite possible that Mikey is one of the very few humans who has ever been able to directly view a subterrestrial being. Perhaps this creature had made its way to the surface and emerged from a subterranean crevice by interpenetrating solid rock to find itself standing with restored normal bodily mass and weight under one of the several small bridges that allow local automobile traffic to cross the small creek that meanders through our town.

After a refreshing drink from the creek, the subterrestrial being, perhaps encouraged by the setting sun and dropping light levels, decided to explore our surface world for a while. Making his way across the railway tracks, he soon found himself in the back of my neighbor's large property where he discovered the berry bushes and their abundant supply of tasty berries. Not seeing anybody around, the creature decided to sample some of its tasty treats.

Mikey's description of this small being is entirely consistent with what one might expect for a "typical" subterrestrial creature. It had a thick, scaly, greenish skin which, earlier in this article, was suggested would be evolved by subterrestrials in order to protect themselves from the higher radiation levels they would encounter as they explored and inhabited deeper levels within the Earth's crust. The greenish skin color could be due to a high copper content. The presence of this metal in sufficient concentration can effectively stop environmental radiation from reaching and damaging a subterrestrial's internal tissues.

The creature's large black eyes would have been mostly pupil and evolved in order to allow it to view its environment even in the dim light levels that are provided by subterranean bioluminescent vegetation. Mikey's creature most likely was also capable of telepathic communication!

Although it is beyond the scope of this article to delve into all of the details of the mechanism responsible for telepathic communication, let me just very briefly describe the process in general. My research has indicated that telepathy is a natural means of communication that allows the transfer of mental images, feelings, and even sounds to occur between two minds without any visible means transmission. The process takes place when thoughts in the sender's mind are nearly instantly translated into a complex pattern of subconscious tremors in the rectus muscles that are normally responsible for moving the sender's eyeballs about in their sockets. During telepathy, these tremors are suppressed, but cause each of eye's rectus muscles to emit brief bursts of extreme low frequency electromagnetic radiation, or ELF, which then travel at light velocity to the receiver's eyes where they are absorbed by the receiver's corresponding set of rectus muscles. The receiver's rectus muscles then convert these bursts of incoming ELF pulses into nerve impulses that pass into the receiver's visual cortex to then form the corresponding mental images in the receiver's mind. Since this process works best with mental images, it allows communication to take place between beings that, ordinarily, might not even speak the same language! (Note: For a far more thorough treatment of telepathy, the reader is referred to the author's book, The Physics of the Paranormal.)

Mikey's sudden appearance from around the side of the pool must have terrified the subterrestrial being who was in the middle of enjoying its snack. It is obvious to me that this fear was then telepathically transmitted to Mikey via ELF electromagnetic radiation bursts when the creature turned his gaze on the child. This accounts for the sudden wave of fear that overwhelmed the child and caused him to flee the scene.

The small gold bracelets that adroned the creature's wrists are also consistent with a subterrestrial origin. Gold is one of the few metals that occurs in what is called a "native" state which simply means that one can find veins and nuggets of the metal in its pure form (however, most native gold can contain up to 70% by weight of other metals such as silver, platinum, etc.). Since the subterrestrials can not use fire to smelt metals, they would naturally, like most primitive surface dwelling human cultures, tend to use native metals to fabricate bodily adornments. The bracelets Mikey's being wore would have been made by simply hammering the malleable gold into shape. They, mostly likely, would not have any hinges or latches on them, but may have been worn by the creature from the time it was young so that it literally grew into them until they were snug. We can imagine that gold is far more available to subterretrials than it is to us, but, like we surface dwelling terrestrials, they will value it for its beauty and durability.

Finally, I must analyze the remaining feature of Mikey's very rare sighting that contributes to its strangeness. This has to do with the bizarre comb-like growths that issued from the being's forehead. From their location, I believe that they may have had to do with the creature's sense of smell or hearing. Mikey did not describe any sort of nose or ears on his creature. Possibly these functions became, through evolution, fused into a single centrally located organ on the creature's forehead. If these growths were for smell, then their position roughly corresponds to the location found on the human face. If they were for hearing, then this too might make sense. Humans have two ears so that they can locate the direction that sounds are coming from. In tight subterranean passageways, sounds are channeled by the rock walls so that they only travel along the length of a passageway. Under these conditions, two ears become unnecessary and a single, centrally located ear becomes sufficient to both hear and determine the direction of sound sources.

We see from cases such as the subterrestrial sighted by young Mikey that the subterrestrial inhabitants of our planet can and do, on occasion, ascend to our surface world. While fearful of surface humanity, they are curious about our existence and, perhaps, envious of the abundant food supply we enjoy and the fire based technologies we can utilize to make our lives more comfortable. For the present time, they restrict their surface explorations to the more remote regions of our surface civilizations and tend to emerge in the late evening or at night when the light levels are more comfortable for them. Possibly, their greatest fear is that we will discover their underground passageways and either attempt to force our presence upon them or even try to poison their realms in an effort to eliminate these generally peaceful and benign forms of life.

Hopefully, surface humanity will allow future contact with these creatures to proceed at a pace that will make them feel as comfortable and unthreatened as possible. If that can be done, then the mutual benefits that may arise from future contact with these inhabitants of the hidden realms of Earth's underworld could be priceless!

(Note: this article completed February 21st, 2004)